No Man’s Land

I am a country, divided
everything is double-sided.

I am plagued by opposites
down in the pits of no man’s land.

fall down, stand
up. stay, go.
yes, no.

but the divide is not equal
and so I free fall
a lot.

‘you don’t know what you’ve got
’til it’s gone’
that’s a line from a song.

and I wonder if it’s true
I wish I knew,
but my mind is filled with clutter
and my heart flutters
so often these days,
while I think of ways

and I shout
try to break down the wall
but again, it falls
on deaf ears
and that steers
me further down the path.

you almost have to laugh
– almost, but not quite,
because the question is, do you continue to fight?


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